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The big decision

Last week, I quit my job.

For a while, I haven’t been able to find any joy in my work, and having felt worn out. So I gave my notice. I had awesome colleagues and I only had the position for a very short time, so on one side, the decision was tough, and on the other it was easy. Tough because of the guys at work, and a super exciting workplace. Easy because it was obvious what I want to do: pursue the passion.

The passion started many years ago, so nothing new there. The passion is riding the motorcycle, seeing the sights, smelling the smells, meeting the people, learning new ways. The last 7 years, my travels keeps taking me east, as in the Balkans, Romania, Ukraine. There’s so much to see, so many places where travelers still are a relatively rare sight. Particular those on motorcycles.

Other motorcycle riders will already know this, but travelling on a motorcycle puts you somehow closer to those you meet. I don’t know if it is the exposure to the elements that makes them sort of pity you or whatever it is. But the fact of the matter is that once you get off the bike, people tend to start talking to you, asking you where you’re from, where you’re heading, and the inevitable question, “how much is your bike”. I actually always try to avoid answering that. That, and talks about politics and religion.

Now, the travels I do and have done, are travels that fit into a normal sort of living, with a normal job to finance the travels, and family commitments. So the travels are normally anything from an extended weekend, to 2-3 weeks. So I need to rely on a bike that works. I travel to places that are easily accessible. Sure, I like a good share of gravel and getting dirty, but the majority of the road – probably 90% – is paved. My motorcycle is heavy, but comfortable (it’s a BMW R1200GSA).

In a day, we see so much, are getting so many inputs, that it is hard to describe. And there is so much to see, so many things to explore and so many adventures to live. I want to share that. So this is what I will do from now: Riding to places, exploring, and share it with the world.



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Riding motorcycles around Europe, filming, photographing, blogging and vlogging. My passion is riding and seeing new places, sharing the awesome sights and seeings with the world.

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