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An unlikely friendship

I had been looking for fellow motorcycle riders for some time before the First Balkan Trip. It wasn’t as easy as it seems.

One day I got a message via the community site from a guy who wanted to know if I accepted hitchhikers. I wasn’t quite sure what he meant, surely he didn’t want to ride pillion – and if so, I think I’d have to say no.

It became clear pretty quickly that wasn’t it, far from, he rode a F800GS.

After some time, we met, to make sure that we had a little compatibility chemistry wise. He was a great guy, positive attitude, and just great company. I was fascinated by his profession, working in the US military as a Navy Seal. At that time, he was stationed in Eckernförde in Germany where there is a Naval base.


It was pretty cool knowing a Navy Seal, something I have only had exposure to from Hollywood productions. He never really talked much about it, but I know he had his share of action during his deployments in the Middle East.

We rode every year the next 3 years, met every time the schedule allowed, each year having more fun, seeking more adventure, and building a stronger friendship. Had he not have to go back to the states, I am sure we would still be riding.

A Navy Seal, and a computer programmer. It almost cannot be more unlike. But we shared the passion for motorcycle adventures.


Ryan, if you’re reading this, it’s been an honor riding with you. I have had so much fun, have so many great memories from our rides. I know you would have loved the rides I’ve done with Peter and Thonny! One day, we’ll do it again!




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