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2018: Öland, day 3

Yesterday, I completed the final episode of the Öland trip that I took with my friend, Thonny, back in September, and posted the video on YouTube.

It was a fantastic ride, but how could it not be, when it had all the ingredients of a great ride; great roads; great weather; great sights to see, and least but definitely not last, great company.

We didn’t have a lot of sights we wanted to see on the way back home, but we had a couple. The Salmon House in a town called Mörup, where Thonny had gone salmon fishing when he was younger, and a place that we had just found on the open street map, Nils Dacke’s Cave.

As it turned out, there are two Nils Dacke’s Caves. The one we visited – and apparently the least visited, and anther one a bit further north. At least the latter is on TripAdvisor. Nils Dacke was leading a peasant revolt in Southern Sweden in the mid-16th century. A lot more historical information can be found on wikipedia.

Nils Dacke allegedly used the cave as refuge in connection with the Dacke War before he was killed in combat.

Contrary to popular beliefs, it is Thonny, and not Nils Dacke, in the picture.

For about 75 years ago, the cave was quite spacious, but local farms have filled the cave with rocks and debris to prevent livestock to enter it. Today is too little to stand up and is not more than 2-3 square meters.

Although the case is very small today, it was big enough for me to crawl into.

We could ride almost all the way to the cave except the last few hundred meters. It was a nice walk, quiet and very calming.

I tried to get some interesting photos and video with the drone, but I wasn’t able to. We continued towards the Salmon House along back roads.

Thonne had been fishing at spot near the town of Mörup that he wanted to see again. I haven’t known Thonny that long time, so I thought it would be cool to get to know him a bit better by visiting places that would bring back his memories.

It was a wonderful and quiet place, and it was easy to imagine the good times he had had. Calming river, trees and branches reaching out.


After the visit to this tranquilizing place, we headed to the Salmon House to get some lunch. The menu of the day was hash, but hadn’t come to the Salmon House to get hash, we wanted salmon. So we ordered salmon – and got a salmon burger. It was OK, but now I know that I am not a fan of salmon burgers.

Salmon burger is not my thing. A lesson I learned at the Salmon House in Mörup.

Most of the day, we spent riding. It was a great day of riding and we rode a lot of great roads – back roads, of course. Do check out the video, to see for yourself.

Thonny and I are very compatible in a lot of ways. Work-wise, we both have a background in IT, we have the same riding preferences, and importantly, our humor is very compatible.

I’m looking forward to go to Moldova with him next year.

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