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Great Roads of Montenegro and Bosnia

Backroad Motorcycle Adventures Great Roads to Ride

Adding more content to the “Great Roads Ridden” pages, including Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Montenegro.

If you’re on a tablet or computer, you will see a searchable table for all the descriptions. Easy and convenient for planning. On a phone, it’s a nice list of countries from which you drill down.

More to come: Croatia, Slovenia, and Ukraine. So stay tuned, by subscribing here:

Oh, by the way. Did you see the last episode of the trip to Crimea? It’s right here.

Amongst a lot more, check out these cool Bosnian routes:

Great Ride: 408, Bosnia

Great Ride: 408, Bosnia

The 408 is a gravel road (for the most part), that runs from Drvar in the...
Great Ride: 434a, Bosnia

Great Ride: 434a, Bosnia

This is a short route, that is connected to the 433 route , if you are...
Great Ride: Diva Grabovceva

Great Ride: Diva Grabovceva

This gravel road you takes you to the Diva Grabovceva statue. It commemorates...
Great Ride: Morine Pass, Bosnia

Great Ride: Morine Pass, Bosnia

The 433 Morine is a easy-medium gravel road that takes you over the wonderful...



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