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BMW R1250 GS Adventure

A few weeks back I finally got to pick up my new bike. A brand new BMW R1250 GS Adventure, Exclusive Style. With all the bells and whistles. And Failure.

With all the bells and whistles, it really is all the bells and whistles. It has shift assistance, so I don’t need to use the clutch very much. It has cruise control. A display (almost like an iPad) as dash board.

The bike automatically pulls the brake when I’m at a stand still if there is more than 5% incline/decline. Fog lights. LED lights. It knows if I’m riding with a passenger. It talks to my phone, and it talks to my helmet.

And it calls 112 is I crash. Except it didn’t work. It showed the Emergency call failure.

BMW R1250 GS Adventyre Emergency call failure
SOS call not working.

The guys at the dealership told me it goes away. By itself. I was a little skeptical about that one. A brand new BMW R1250 GS Adventure, with all the bells and whistles. And the price tag aligned with it. And it shows an error message. That sucks.

But lo and behold, it went away. By itself, as they had said. The bike had cured itself. There’s a built-in GSM phone-ish, that is used to connect to the emergency responders and it takes a few days to establish the connection, apparently.

But it is all good now. I got my new bike. Expecting a few more parts to adjust it to my needs, the coming days. The 2019 season is going to be great.

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BMW R1250 GS Adventure
Bucephalus, aka BMW R1250 GS Adventure

A bike, a branch new BMW R1250 GS Adventure – truly worthy of the name Bucephalus.

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