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Hope & Health, and Bikes

Image by MonikaP from Pixabay

When we get to Chisinau on the Moldova trip, we’re super excited to get to visit the Hope And Health NGO. We will be showing off our bikes, and hear about their inspiring projects.

A few years back, Peter Riber and I rode in to Moldova on a trip to Ukraine and Moldova. After entering Moldova, we rode south, and found a hotel a little outside a city called Balti. The next morning we left Moldova to enter Romania.

Obviously, we missed out a lot of what Moldova has to offer, so this time I reached out to the Moldova consular office in Denmark, explaining him (he’s a Dane) the plans. He put me in contact with Tatiana Roșcovan. She has some insight to the Moldovan motorcycle community, he said.

Not only have Tatiana been super helpful connecting us with the community (through facebook), but she has also invited us to visit the NGO she’s working for: Hope & Health.

We will be meeting a local Moldovan rider at the border, ride with him for a while. When we get to Chisinau, we will meet with Tatiana and her Hope and Health NGO. Hopefully they will both have time for a beer or two.

Hope & Health supports people with intellectual disabilities and their families living in the municipality Chisinau. Check out their homepage for more information:

Check out the plan for the trip here: Moldova




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