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British Isles trip

It was originally planned as the Autumn trip of 2020, but then the world changed. Hopefully it has all settled by summer next year.

It’s a 17-ish day trip of 8,300-ish kilometers to England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales.

Check out the trip plan here, and as always, comments, and suggestions are much appreciated.

British Isles Plan

The Balkan trip is still planed for late August this year, assuming Covid-19 doesn’t want it different. Check it out here.

Cover photo is from Glencoe, Scotland, by Peter Riber

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Riding motorcycles around Europe, filming, photographing, blogging and vlogging. My passion is riding and seeing new places, sharing the awesome sights and seeings with the world.

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  1. Looks like you have included the Hardknot Pass in the Lake District. I did this only yesterday 20200623 and almost lost my bike a few times R1250GSA. The uphill and downhill curves are quite steep and twisty and it’s only single carriageway (space for one vehicle) with passing places. Some sheep also like to sleep on the road. Good luck if you are fully loaded,

    • Yes, I have seen videos from it. It seems like a challenge. If I drop the bike it wouldn’t be the first time 😊 Is it usually crowded?

  2. Yesterday I only met a few vehicles because it’s a weekday (more tourists at weekends) plus with Covid-19 things are still a little quiet I guess. There were several cars parked up along the route and they would be hill walking folk out for the day. If you ride in your group and inter bike comma e.g. Cardo PackTalk or other perhaps, then it may be useful to send one person up first to be look out. Drivers are quite careful but you can always get into a tight situation. Going up is where you may not always be aware of a vehicle coming down. The weather yesterday was rainy but I would not attempt it in fog unless you are a daredevil.

    • I wouldn’t ride a road like that if it is foggy or slippery. I’m not in it to prove anything, just enjoying the scenery. I know it is not out of civilisation, but I have turned around on rides before as I would be very far from help, in case of a fall (and things that break) on a GS in places where BMW parts is hard to come by. I can definitely push myself, but I like to think that I’m not being foolish. We’re just a couple of riders. I can ride with more people, but if you’re in a larger group it is harder to find accommodation. And we usually don’t plan the stops ahead. Largest group I’ve ridden with (on a 2-3 week long trip) is 4 riders. Thanks for your feedback.

  3. that’s a good trip -you will miss out some nice roads in Wales on that direct route through (though you’ll get the gist of the different part of Wales-North, Mid, South), but you have to make compromises for a journey that long somehow! A slight detour could take your through a combination of Machynlleth-mountain road-Aberhosan (great viewpoint-Wynford Vaughan Thomas Memorial)/Llanidloes (Great Oak Cafe brilliant), then Devils Bridge-Rhayader mountain road. I do miss living in Wales. But now I Scotland, I can tell you there’s also a very good chip shop in Comrie, .. 🙂

    • Now added to the route. I’ve never been to Wales, so getting suggestions from those who have been there is very valuable. Thank you.

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