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It’s been a while

Like most travellers, I didn’t get to travel the planned trips either. The planned trips were Balkan early June. At the time of writing this, I would actually be sitting somewhere in Romania, with my travelling buddies enjoying a nice, cold beer after an awesome day’s ride.

Transfagarasan, always enjoying coming back to Romania

Then – in late August or early September, the plan was riding along the shores of the British Isles.

I am rearranging it now, with the hope of opened borders throughout Europe, to travel to Balkan and doing the British Isles trip in late spring 2021. GB is out of the transition from EU by then, but I very much doubt that would have a huge impact on the trip. Some of the countries on Balkan is not EU member either, so we’re used to the border crossings and the paperwork associated.



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Riding motorcycles around Europe, filming, photographing, blogging and vlogging. My passion is riding and seeing new places, sharing the awesome sights and seeings with the world.

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  1. GB and Ireland still nowhere near back to normal yet Jesper.. see you in 2021! It’s not as if you haven’t got anywhere to go in Sweden.. 🙂

    • True, Sweden is a big country. Of forests 😉 Not spectacular views like in Norway. Well there is, but not on a heavy GS. And I really, really like Balkan. Accommodation, food, and beer is cheaper 🙂

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