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2019 Moldova ride report


The plan for the following days had been discussed, and as the weather forecast had predicted temperatures way in to 30’s we had decided to cross the border into Serbia, ride along the Danube river on the Serbian side and then on fast roads, including toll highways across Serbia to Montenegro.

It is a bit of a shame to just push through a country like we had planned, but it is so uncomfortable riding in such a warm weather, and it can even be dangerous too. Even though we ride with very well ventilated gear (Klim), it is still hot, and we wanted to keep moving to get the air flowing.

Crossing the border to Serbia was as easy as expected. I have never had any problems in any way with border crossing, nor police in the Balkan countries. It took us not more than about 5-10 minutes for the three of us. And because we now changed time zone, we had another hour on our hand. We joked that we arrived at the border at 9.00 and left at 8.10.

The Danube river from the Romanian side.

Riding west along the Daube river, through the Iron Gates is a great ride. You can ride both on the Romanian side, and on the Serbian side. They are both great. The Romanian side sits pretty much on the same level as the river, whereas the route on the Serbian side will take you to higher altitude and give you a higher viewpoint. If you go to Serbia, remember that is not EU, so you will need the green insurance document (which you probably have with you already). There are no other documents required for EU citizens.

The Danube river from the Serbian side. At a higher altitude.

The ride along the river takes about an hour or so. Depending on how long you want to ride. The further east, the flatter it gets. If you’re not in a hurry, I’d recommend leaving the 34 and go south on to 164 to Majdanpek. It’s a narrow, paved, curvy road and is quite nice.

Serbia has a lot to offer, but it wasn’t for this time. We rode toward the border with Montenegro and crossed a little later in the afternoon.

We crossed the border where the road took us to the Tara Canyon Bridge. It is one of the most spectacular places in Balkan, with lots of outdoor activities, from white water rafting to zip line.

Tara Canyon Bridge, Montenegro

It was a little late in the afternoon, we were tired after a long day of riding. We found an absolutely great B&B that was more like a hotel, in the foothills of Durmitor mountains. They had great food, lots of cold beer, the weather was great, temperature comfortable. What a night.

Thonny and Michael enjoying a nice, cold beer after a long day’s ride.

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