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2019 Moldova ride report

Everything ends

The following day, we met with the riders from Denmark, at our hotel in the Dolomites. This would be the base for the next week. Unlike the previous couple of weeks, where we would ride from one place to another, this week, we would stay in the same hotel, and ride day rides from there.

We had a great week, and Carsten, who organised the trip had planned some really great routes for us. The rides were fun, and fast. Really fast. The week definitely took its toll on the tires – especially the front tire had its side worn. Proof of good fun.

As Nelly Furtado so beautifully say, “all good things come to an end”. At the end of the week, Thonny and parted from the group as we wanted to stop by Prague on our way back home. This wasn’t originally planned, but we felt it would a good place for a stopover.

We rode in to Austria, and even though we both have been there a number of times, we had to ride Großglöckner. Not the cheapest rode to ride, but definitely one of the most spectacular.

It wasn’t exactly perfect weather, but it was okay. We had a good share of great views, and rain.

Before arriving at the Hotel Gschirnwirt (don’t know how that is pronounced), in Austria, where we wanted to stay the night, we had to ride through Salzburg. I will definitely do my best to stay away from Salzburg in the future. That has got to be the city with the slowest traffic I have ever experienced. The non-existing traffic flow, confusing lane merges, traffic lights not synchronised, just terrible. Lesson learned.

As mentioned, we stayed at hotel Gschirnwirt, which was a nice hotel, comfortable rooms, good restaurant, and good beer. We met a Danish family with whom we talked a little. Weather had cleared, we were there early enough to take a little walk down the main road in the village. There was practically nothing to do except going back to the hotel and drink a couple of beers, so that is what we did.

The weather the following day wasn’t too good either. We rode half the day in non-stopping rain, so all we really wanted was to get into Czech Republic, and eventually in to Prague as soon as possible.

We crossed the border – this is Schengen, so no border control – and in to the border area in the Czech Republic known as the Böhmerwald Mountains. It is a nice recreational area with lots of trails and other outdoor activities, but with the rain, it wasn’t much fun. I remember the adult entertainment stores and bars started to pop up along the roadside.

One of the architectural iconic buildings in Prague. The Dancing Building, or something, I believe it is called.

We arrived in Prague early in the afternoon, and had a lot of time to go sightseeing. Staying at hotels in cities is always subject to a little concern of where to park the motorcycles. So whenever we book, we make sure it is something that is listed with private parking. Unfortunately that is not always a guarantee, as we saw with the hotel in Chisinau, where private really just meant that we could park on their premises, but that was really just an extension of the sidewalk next to a busy road.

But no so this time. It would really require people to go above and beyond (technically beneath) to get to the bikes, as they were lowered in to a space underground on a parking elevator. Not even we could get to the bikes without the help from the reception.

As mentioned, we were there early, and spent some time walking around like most tourists. Weather had cleared, and it turned out to a very nice afternoon and evening.

The following day, was really just about getting home. We had no reasons to stop – well, there are always reasons, so, we had no desire to stop more than necessary, and rode directly from Prague to Rostock in Germany to catch the ferry to Gedser, Denmark.

When I got home, the girls wasn’t home when I got home, so I got myself a nice cold beer, relaxed, and contemplated the last couple of weeks. It had been a great adventure, riding in to Ukraine, meeting the guys at Uzhhorod, Tatiana in Chisinau, riding in to Romania, seeing Durmitor, visiting the Tito villa, and riding in the Italian Alps for a week with the guys.

Thanks to Thonny, Michael, and Vova for making this adventure so awesome. Thanks for awesome riding days, and great evenings. You guys are great! I hope we get to ride again soon!

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