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2019 Moldova ride report


After visiting the church, it was off towards Slovakia, only to stock up on supplies and getting lunch.

The ride was a long and great ride along backroads, so getting from bone church to the overnight stay in Slovakia was a day’s ride. We’re never in a hurry on these trips, and we usually don’t plan much ahead. Well, we can plan ahead like at lunch deciding where we want to stay for the night and just call and book rooms, or just using

The backroads (admitted, one of the lager ones here) are the ones offering the best rides.

There’s a flipside of just looking for accommodation wherever and whenever we don’t want to ride anymore. We have a few times found ourselves in remote areas that doesn’t have any available accommodation – if even accommodation at all. The route I plan is just suggestive, it is not carved in stone. It is really about having a plan. I don’t want to learn in hindsight that I passed something that would have been great to see. I know others just like to not plan and take a turn when they feel for it. And that’s okay. I just don’t know how they can possible find those awesome backroads unless there’s a sign posted.

We found our hotel, and after a little confusion with being assigned rooms that wasn’t worthy of accommodation, we had a shower, and headed to the restaurant to get a cold beer and dinner.

“Room view a view”. This is from the hotel’s restaurant

The following day we continued east. We wanted to meet with Vova just across the border with Ukraine, in the town Uzhhorod. He had booked at couple of rooms at a place called Ungweiser.

Before we got that far, there was this World War II memorial I had found on the net that I would like to see. There was a lot of school kids. I approached a group of teenagers, asked if anyone spoke English as I’d like to know more about the site. They just giggled and said “no”. Luckily I met a few adults, that turned out to be teaches on a field trip. They told a little about the site and that this was the site of a battle in World War II.

I didn’t know this when I planned the stop, but it apparently at this place, one of the longest battles of WW2, with more than 1,300 casualties, took place. The memorial is also a cemetery.

After having hung around for a short while, and Thonny and Michael had taken a few pictures, we were on the move again to the border with Ukraine.

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