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2019 Moldova ride report

As mentioned earlier, Moldova is relatively flat, but it is a nice ride through the countryside, with rolling hills, fields and smooth roads. Some are in a poor shape, but they are generally good.

Today would be the day where we would meet with Tatiana and staff and some of the beneficiaries. But first, we wanted to stop by one of the attractions of Moldova: Old Orhei.

We took a smaller road from Soroca, and passed this monument of a tank, that I had to take a couple of pictures of. It turned out to be the same time as local school kids had a field trip. The kids had a lot of fun shouting “biker, biker, biker”. It was great fun. I posed with the bike for a couple of photos and let a couple of the kids sit on it.

Old Orhei is a very interesting place, with a very nice monastery on the top of the mountain, rooms carved into the limestone rock, and even ruins, and artefacts found dating back to the Old Stone Age (more than 11,000 years ago).

Othodox Monastery at Old Orhei

After lunch at a local restaurant – it was not busy at all – we headed towards Chisinau, and Tiatiana’s Hope & Health NGO.

The road from Old Orhei was fast gravel, and we arrived at Hope & Health pretty much on time.

Tatiana being the perfect hostess, offered home made cake and kompot. They showed us the products they make, and sell to fund their activities. They rely heavily on subsidy from private sponsors as they get no government funding.

Visiting Hope & Health as a really great experience. We can all be grateful for people like Tatiana and her colleagues, who care and make such a huge difference to others.

Tatiana, being part of the motorcycle community had invited a few of her motorcycle friends as well, so we got to meet Moldovan riders. It was such a great experience.

Being escorted to our hotel

After being shown around the NGO facilities, a couple of the local riders escorted us back to our hotel. When we got there, we found out that they only had parking on the street – something we try to avoid. And particular in a large city like Chisinau. The reception said it would be okay, and that they had video surveillance. I wasn’t convinced. We went to a nearby “private” parking facility only to find that it was a lot more dodgy and quite a distance from the hotel. On the street, at the hotel, we would at least be close to the bikes.

We parked the bikes, get changed, and waited for Tatiana to pick us up as she had arranged dinner at a local motorcycle friendly restaurant. We wouldn’t be riding though, as we wanted to drink a couple of beers.

A great time with Moldovian riders

We had a great time. I think there must have been 15 local riders. We talked, drank, had fun. Although the official language of Moldova is Romanian, a lot of Moldavians speak Russian. Vova, being Ukranian, spoke excellent Russian, was happy to translate for those wasn’t comfortable with English.

We talked, drank, ate, sung, and really had a great time. When returning to the hotel, it had turned out that we were not the only motorcycle riders in our hotel. About 40 riders from Estonia had chosen the very same hotel as ours, and now our bikes had the company of about 40 more. I slept quite good, pretty sure that nothing would happen to the bikes. We had no idea that they would stay at the same hotel. What are the odds!

40 Estonian riders parked next to ours at the hotel in Chisinau.

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