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Air trouble

I have had some issues with air leaking from the front wheel, that I needed to deal with.

The Soap test showed that air leaked from between the tire and the rim, pretty much half way round the rim on the left side. So I tried to clean it a bit assuming it was just dirt that wasn’t cleaned when it was first fitted.

Bubbles shows where air is leaking

I rode the entire Poland trip without noticing any leaked air (at least not anything that made the tire pressure monitor go off).

So broke the bead on the rim (without taking the tire off completely), made sure there was enough space (or at leas I thought) to wipe it off with a little soap.

Breaking the bead is the most annoying

Unfortunately, it leaks just as much air as before. So now I’m deciding to give it another go and complete take off the tire for a proper cleaning, or I should just take the wheel to my local mechanics and have him do it.

I can’t balance the tire myself, so I would have to fit the tire at the exact same place. Also I don’t have the proper grease that is used to seal the tire to the rim.

First world problems.



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