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British Isles trip, take 2

The British Isles motorcycle trip (that was supposed to take place last year), is now scheduled for this year. I don’t think I have ever made so much research and and made so many notes before.

I don’t know how long time the trip will take, but I know that I don’t have more than 23 days. Furkot says 26 days, so either I need to ride faster, or to cut off some parts. Or, convince the family that I need the few extra days. We’ll see how it’ll all flesh out. I don’t know how much it will set me back, but I do know I will stay at B&B wherever I can, and camping where I can’t.

In any case, the travel restrictions can change the plan altogether one more time. I’m hoping to travel in June.

Cover photo, Hardknott Pass, by Peter Riber

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  1. Hello, I feel your thorough planning as we have to much time to do so. Myself plan to depart from Belgium to Moscow, Kiev, Odessa, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Albania, Bosnie and back to Belgium. I have the same timeframe 23 days maximum. I think I need to forget Moscow and drive straight to Kiev. The road from Moscow to Ukraine seems pretty boring and probably a waste of two days. Do you have any experience on that?

    • Going to Russia require a visa, whereas Ukraine don’t. I have only ridden to Murmansk, so I don’t know the road nor the border crossing into Ukraine coming from Russia.
      Into Ukraine, I recommend the less used crossings in Poland. Appear as “cheap” as you can, i.e. don’t flash any fancy equipment as border officers may see you as bribe. Lviv is a nice city. Except from the Carpathian Mountains on the west, Ukraine is quite flat. Large roads are OK, smaller ones are more potholes than road, but the scenery is worth the hassle. But expect a low average speed.
      Coming from Odessa, riding into Romania you need to cross into Moldova even if it is only for 5 km or so. Do set aside 3-4 hours for the crossings. Consider a detour into Moldova while you’re at it. Romania is easy, back in the EU. Everybody (almost) speak English. Roads are good.
      I am planning on a Balkan trip (not including Ukraine) if you want to ride that part. There will be some gravel. Check
      It will probably be in August.

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