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Balkan 2021 track

The Balkan 2021 trip is well over.

It was a good ride, although I cut it short for a couple of reasons. First and foremost I actually missed the company of riding with friends. I had done this before, but somehow it was different this time.

Second, I was riding end of August, which is still high season as get further south. I did not bring camping gear – I have never done this before on a trip to the Balkans, so accommodation costs were a lot higher than expected. I had always travelled end May, early June.

And my butt hurt. Seriously. To the point where I just had to stop riding at 16.00 some days.

Also, I got mixed signals as to whether or not it my COVID-19 vaccination certificate was accepted by the non-EU countries. If not, would I have to wait for a PCR test? What if it turned out false positive? Quarantine for 2 weeks?

So I decided to cut off most of Balkan and wait next year. As I rode north again, I got more information from locals that they all, except Serbia, in fact did accept the EU certificate.

But I did get to see great stuff. It was a great ride. But I am a social being. I do want to ride with buddies. The evenings gets too long and boring, just sitting at a resturant or a hotel room having a beer with oneself.

So if you’re in Europe, and want to tag along on a future ride, let me know.

Starting Sunday 17th 2021 @ 18.30 CET, YouTube video will be published.

Check out the original (full) plan – saved for 2022 – here: Balkan 2021

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  1. Hej Jesper …. har prøvet at finde afsnit 3. evt 4 fra din Balkan tur. hvor går turen hen i år.

    • Den går igen til Balkan. Dog en anden rute. Måske også England hvis tiden er til det. Afsnit 3 kommer imorgen kl 19 😀

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