Join the Adventure

Is joining from the comfort of your home not enough?

Join a ride. Be part of the trip and the planning. Be the adventure!

This is how it works

You ride your own bike, take care of all the paperwork yourself. It may sound like a hassle, but it isn’t. It is a part of the planning process and is actually quite rewarding.

It is not a hassle, because there isn’t much paperwork. We don’t book accommodation up front as we never know where to sleep before wanting to. We do communicate a lot prior to a trip and often joined efforts makes sense. So we do.

We’re are small group. 5 in the group is the rule of the thumb, not including riders we meet on out Adventure, who rides with us for some smaller part.

There’s always an adventure awaiting execution. These are in the pipeline:



Backroad Motorcycle Adventure to Ukraine and Moldova via Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, 16 days, 6000 km.


Trip plan Murmansk 2019

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