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BARS 103

It’s only a week before we will take off on the Moldova trip. There’s a lot we will see, and one of the site is the Warsaw Pact Troposcatter radio station, BARS 103.

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That Murmansk plan ain’t gonna work

I read an advice given to someone who was planning a trip similar to mine. It was pretty clear that my plan wasn’t going to work. But it would be very easy to fix. Continue reading That Murmansk plan ain’t gonna work

How I plan a moto trip

When I first started going on motorcycle rides, I liked to read other people’s recommendations on preparing for a ride. Although getting your own experience is part of the adventure, learning from other riders’ experience might save me from making too many rookie mistakes.The information found in this post is based on my experience on travelling in Europe. Although much of it is probably the same wherever you go, I’m sure there are stuff that is different. Particular the paperwork is something that is different depending on your nationality, departing country, and arriving country.I have divided this into:

  • Paperwork
  • Border crossing
  • Personal items
  • Equipment
  • Motorcycle
  • What I don’t bring

where each section talks about my experience with the topic, and what I usually bring.For a the checklist that I use for my trip planning, check this document. Continue reading How I plan a moto trip