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Wine. Lots of it!

The world’s largest wine cellar is in Moldova. And we rode our motorcycles in it.

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Bike wouldn’t start

When a bike – or a car, for that matter – is older than 4 years, they have to go to a mandatory road worthiness inspection every two years.

If your vehicle is taken care of, i.e. keeping it serviced, there are rarely any problems.

So obviously, I didn’t expect any issues when taking the bike (aka Bertha) to the inspection.

Shortly after checking in, I was called forward and the bike just wouldn’t start. Sounded like a dead battery, but it had been charged overnight. Maybe the starter is toasted? The generator seemed to work fine, as there was no warning on the dash board.

Also, I had checked a few months back, with a voltmeter, that it had 14.4 volts when the engine running.

Anyway, it started eventually, and it passed the inspection without any issues.

Check how it went on the youtube video

At least it takes some years before I need to have Bucephalus inspected.