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Montenegro, a former Yugoslav region, is really spectacular. In particular Durmitor National Park. It has both mountains and beaches.

I find myself coming back again and again. 

Passport: Yes

Yes. Montenegro is not a EU member.

Green insurance card: Yes

Make sure it is accurate and valid. Bring the original.

Vehicle Registration Certificate: Yes

Yes, always. The original.

Toll: No

There are no toll roads in Montenegro, except the Sozina tunnel. There’s a toll booth at the east side of the tunnel.

Condition: Good

The roads I have ridden have been in good conditions. Sure, they aren’t all autobahn quality, but any bike can ride those roads.

Road Safety: Medium

Nothing out of the ordinary. The roads in Durmitor are narrow, so take it easy at the corners. There might be another vehicle just around it, taking up your ideal curve line. 

You: Good

The scenery may take your breath away.

Bike: Good

I would find secure parking if possible. Either garage, backyard, or similar. Or somewhere where you’re near to it. Better safe than sorry.


Cell phone coverage is good, except in the mountains. But be vary of the roaming prices, as they are not EU. Unless you are on a plan that covers Montenegro. Check with your operator.


Haven’t been to any hotels yet, but I would assume they have wifi, like the rest of the world. But the quality is probably not as good as the one you have at home.

Language: Montenegrin (Serbo-Croatian)

They speak English for the most part. That’s all there is to know. But as always, it is always a great courtesy to learn a few phrases.

Thanks: Hvala
Goodbye: Dovidenja 

Alphabet: Latin & Cyrillic

No need to learn Cyrillic.

Currency: Euro (EUR €)

Yeah, I know, weird when they aren’t EU member. But they originally adopted the Deutche Mark, and subsequently the Euro. Convenient.

Check out Montenegro's great roads to ride:

Great ride: Durmitor, Montenegro

Great ride: Durmitor, Montenegro

The Durmitor route takes you through the Durmitor National Park between Lake Piva, and the town Zabljak. It is a great continuation to (or from) the Piva route. If you are coming from Lake Piva, it is easy to miss the turn, as it kind of turns into...
Great ride: Piva, Montenegro

Great ride: Piva, Montenegro

The Piva route (road E762)is short, but worth a detour, if you're aren't already planning on coming from, or going into, awesome Bosnia & Herzegovina. The smoothly paved road runs along the river, and the lake, and is a bit elevated from the...

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