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Romania is a great country to visit. It has tonne of cultural sights, a lot of interesting history. And the roads are generally in good condition, however, riding backroad adventures, you will get the occasional terrible roads with big potholes. So take it easy.

Passport: Yes

Yes. Although Romania is part of EU, it is not Schengen, so they will check your identity at point of entry.

Green insurance card: No

Technically not needed, being an EU member country. And they will not ask for it. But get it anyway.

Vehicle Registration Certificate: Yes

Yes, always. The original.

Toll: No

No, not for motorcycles. It is hard to find where it officially states that motorcycles are exempt, but they are. You can’t even choose motorcycle as category when buying online. 

Condition: Medium

Medium. The roads are generally in good condition suitable for all sorts of motorcycles, around more popular places, and roads. Travelling backroad adventures, you will get into bumpy sections with serious potholes. 

Road Safety: Medium

Roads are generally good marked, but as horse carriages, and livestock use the roads as well, you need to pay a little attention. 

Dogs will often run at you. The don’t appear to have depth nor speed perception. Crazy dogs. On gravel sections, if protecting a herd, they have been reported to be aggressive.

Romanians are more willing to take changes in traffic, so make sure you are seen. You know, the usual, stay out of their blind spots, anticipate traffic. 

You: Good

Nobody will attempt to kill you.

Bike: Average

I would find secure parking. Either garage, backyard, or similar. I have never had issues finding safe parking. Just because that makes me sleep much better. I have never had anything stolen from my bike in Romania.


Cell phone coverage is good, except in the mountains. Do not expect to have coverage unless you’re in a town. For that reason, if you book online from day to day, do not expect that availability on sites e.g. or is accurate. They may not have vacancies. Nor can you expect your reservation to go through to the facility even though it went through on the site. This has only happened to me on lodging in the mountains, and booking the same day. Otherwise those services work fine. 


All hotels have wifi, but some aren’t too fast, and they don’t have many access points, so though there is wifi, the signal may not reach all the way to your room.

But hey, isn’t it much more fun updating the social media from the bar with a beer in one hand?

Language: Romanian

Some areas in Transylvania, they speak Hungarian. And there’s a few more. But unless you know those languages, you don’t really care. Most younger people speak English.

Alphabet: Latin-ish

No need to learn Cyrillic.

Currency: Romanian Leu (RON)

Check this link to see how much 100 Leu will set you back.

There once was a currency called ROL. It died. I don’t know the cause.

Check out Romania's great roads to ride:

Great ride: 106, Romania

Great ride: 106, Romania

There is a number of road 106's, this route is 106N, 106P, and 105G. It is a nice road that goes from the center for Transalpina to near Sibiu, or near the north entry to Transfagarasan . The road is generally relatively simple without steep sections....
Great ride: 66A, Romania

Great ride: 66A, Romania

The 66A is part of the route that connects the town Baile Hercule with Petrosani. From Baile Hercule, the route starts on the 67D, which is paved. At a point, the 67D splits into 66A, that continues towards Vulcan, and Petrosani. From that point, it is...
Great ride: Bicaz Gorge, Romania

Great ride: Bicaz Gorge, Romania

The Bicaz Gorge route (on road 12C) is a nicely paved road that takes you through a narrow gorge with steep cliffs on the side and a river next to the road. It is a very nice route, and heavily visited, so you should expect it to be a little crowded....
Great ride: Danube Iron Gates, Romania

Great ride: Danube Iron Gates, Romania

The Danube is the second longest river in Europe, after the Volga.  It forms the border to Serbia, and Bulgaria. The Iron Gates is a gorge on the river, where road 57 sits along the shores providing a great scenery. It is smooth asphalt, and there are ...
Great ride: Tabla Butii, Romania

Great ride: Tabla Butii, Romania

Tabla Butii is a mountain pass that has an ancient trade route, that can be ridden. It runs on top of rounded mountains with little vegetation to both sides. Once you're on top, that is. The road is gravel. At times it is dirt (particular on the north...
Great ride: Transalpina, Romania

Great ride: Transalpina, Romania

Transalpina is probably one of the most popular routes in Romania, next to Transfagarasan. Transalpina is a couple of roads, the 7A, and the 67C. They intersect, forming a "+" (Transalpina Center), where 7A runs east/west and 67C runs north/south. The...
Great ride: Transfagarasan, Romania

Great ride: Transfagarasan, Romania

Transfăgărășan, the 7C, is without a doubt the most popular road in Romania. Made famous by Top Gear. In there can be a lot of people there too. At the summit, the north side is connected to the south side through a tunnel. Which does not open before Jul...

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