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The Alps

The Alps. Probably the most ridden area of Europe. There are plenty of sources for great scenic rides out there on the internet, and as I haven’t really focused on the Alps on my previous rides, I will focus on a couple that I have found out of the ordinary.

I’m combining all the Alp roads into one section, though it is technically different countries. But as they are all Schengen, it doesn’t really matter much.

Check out some great roads to ride in the Alps:

Great Road: Straniger Alm, The Alps

Great Road: Straniger Alm, The Alps

Straniger Alm, or "The Smugglers' Route" as it is also know as, is a gravel road that connects Austria and Italy. It's an easy road, however, the section on the Italian side is quite steep, but the road is sealed. Surface...

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