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Ukraine is a huge country with a lot of great sights to see. Fortunately, a lot of them are concentrated in the western part.

There are some disturbances in the Eastern part as well as Crimea, but there are lot of information on that elsewhere, so I’m going to leave it at that. There are no issues on the Western part.

Besides from the Carpathian region, Ukraine is flat. Farmlands for thousands of kilometers. But there is a lot of interesting history to research and sites to visit.

Riding Ukraine is a special experience. And that is meant in a good way. The roads – how bad they may be – is part of this experience.

Absorb the scenery, the every day life, how much is going on – even in remote places. Slow down, soak it all in, and just enjoy. This is what makes riding in Ukraine so awesome.

Check out Ukraine's great roads to ride:

Great Road: Arabat Spit, Ukraine

Great Road: Arabat Spit, Ukraine

This narrow strip of sand connects the eastern part of Crimea with mainland Ukriane. It is a flat, road - actually if is most of the times, multiple parallel roads. And the fun part is to navigate which road to take. They will all take you the same way,...
Great Road: Rakhiv Pass, Ukraine

Great Road: Rakhiv Pass, Ukraine

The Rakhiv Pass road is a nice gravel road that offers exceptional view over the town Rakhiv. By the way, Rakhiv is a fine place to stay the night. The road is gravel, with occasional patches of broken asphalt. But is a relatively easy surface. I have...

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