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3-day motorcycle adventure to Öland

Långe Erik

Meeting Thonny

We hooked up, and started the ride towards Öland, on backroads. Those are not the fastest, and most often not the shortest either. But they are a lot more fun.

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Meeting Thonny outside Höör

It was great getting to ride with Thonny again. He hadn’t been able to ride over most of the summer after breaking his leg in the Romanian mountains.

Off we went, on the Swedish gravel roads. They are very smooth and have, for the most part, a quite firm surface, so it was not a problem both covering good distance, and riding through forests.

Hovdala Castle

First stop was a the Hovdala Castle, which dates back 500 years to 1511. It was strategically important during the war between Sweden and Denmark in 17th century. It took some heavy damage in the Scania wars 1675-1679, but was restored by a Jens Mikkelsen, who was knighted by King Karl XI to the name Ehrenborg. For 9 generations, until 1980, the Ehrenborg family resided at the castle. Today, it is government owned and serves as historical site and is open to the public.


The castle has a café, restaurant, and gardens, and is worth a short detour. Check out more on the Hovdala Castle on the official home page. The tower is supposed to have proof of battles between the Swedes and the Danes, but we failed to find those.

“Fika” (coffe and a cinamon bun) af Hovdala Castle

It had been raining a little with scattered showers, and it didn’t take long before we had some really heavy rain. Fortunately we were still having coffee, and could take shelter.

As always, on the trips, it is nice to take a break, but we’re always eager to move on, so we did. Wet roads and occasional rain showers. We’re not bothered too much by riding in the wet. We ride with good water and wind resistant gear that keeps us dry. And as long as you’re not freezing, you’re OK. As soon as you freeze, everything kinda sucks.


Next stop was the Brio toy museum in the town of Osby. It is called Brio as an abbreviation of “Bröderna Ivarsson Osby” (The Iversson brothers of Osby). It was originally founded by their father in a different town, but had its headquarter for a long time in Osby. Today, the headquarter is in Malmö.

Although not having the waypoint correctly marked, we found the museum. It wasn’t our intention to go in, just seeing it from the outside as it was pretty much on the route. Not much to see from the outside, I’m sure it was cozy inside. It had the feeling to it, that this is a place stop by if it’s on the route, and you have small kids, but it’s not the destination.

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