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3-day motorcycle adventure to Öland

Långe Erik

Off towards Öland. It was getting late in the afternoon, and we had to start looking for accommodation. There is a bridge to Öland, so no need to get on a ferry – unless you’re hiking or bicycling. The bridge only takes cars, lorries, busses, etc. You know, the kind of street legal vehicles, that have tires and an engine. But Öland has its fair share of bicycle, and hiking paths.


Öland is definitely ideal for hikers and bicyclist who don’t want uphill paths. It is flat as a pancake with a highest point of 58 meters.

The highest point on Öland is 58 meters

Borgholm Castle ruins

We had booked a couple of single rooms at the hotel in the town of Borgholm, just a half hour from the bridge. Just outside Borgholm, sits the Borgholm Castle ruins which was probably originally built by King Canute I, who reigned 1167-1195. Throughout time, the castle had taken a lot of beating during the numerous conflicts with Danes. Today, it houses a museum and is open to the public.


The museum was closed, so we only go to see it from the outside and from the drone. Had it been open, we probably wouldn’t have visited anyway. The trips are motorcycle trips, not visit-museum trips. The town was just a couple of minutes away. We had booked the hotel 30 minutes earlier, so no chasing hotel rooms, that we sometimes end up doing.

Fancy hotel

Nice hotel, not too expensive (Swedish level), checking in. The hotel restaurant was surprisingly busy compared to the streets of the town, but we didn’t take much notice. A quick shower, change of clothes and down to the bar to get a beer.

I was there first, they had one of my favourite beers, the Paulaner wheat beer. I had almost finished it (5 minutes later) when Thonny came down and joined me. We had a couple more beers and asked to be seated. We had to wait an hour, they were too busy. They had free tables, but the kitchen had to keep up as well, I guess. The waiter talked about Karin, as if we should know the head chef. We just nodded and went along with it. At 21.30-ish we were seated. It was a set menu, 3, 5, or 7 dishes starting at 765 swedish pesos. Wow, that was a bit steep, and definitely more than we normally pay for a meal on these kinds of trips. But as it was late, maybe one too many beers, Thonny’s not fully recovered broken leg, we went along.

And oh my God, was that delicious. I honestly don’t recall having anything so delicious. I’m not a food geek, I’d like to think of myself as easy going and eat almost everything. And I can’t tell which spices are in what I eat (except the obvious), but I do know when I like the taste of something. They say – and I can relate to that – the emotional range quadruples when you have your own children. If you’re a parent, you know what I mean. I had that same experience, but with food. I did now know that food could taste like this.

The next morning I found out why it was so busy, by the tell-tale sign outside. I did not see that the day before. It is the first – and probably the last – time that I have eaten on a Michelin restaurant on a motorcycle trip.

What an end to the first day of this 3 day motorcycle adventure.

First day of the trip

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