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3-day motorcycle adventure to Öland

Långe Erik

Stone Coast Road

The more technology that we carry, the more can go wrong. That is true. And it was true for my one of my GoPros that failed to capture the talk we had with a land owner that we met in out search for the Stone Coast Road. We had ridden down a gravel road – from the main road – in the hope that the roads on the GPS actually existed. Often, the unpaved roads on the GPS either doesn’t exist anymore, so even though it’s on the map, it’s not necessarily doable.

So we ended up taking a road that would take us directly through someone’s backyard. Although Swedes do enjoy free roaming, there are limits. So we turned around. As we did, we met the owner, who was curious about us as we rode the road that lead to his house only, like it was his driveway. He assured us that the Stone Coast Road indeed was scenic, and it was possible to get there through his land. So we got his permission, although he did warn us that the so-called road was just an old track, but with our bikes we might be able to do it.

The road was indeed and old track, some of it very muddy, but it wasn’t anything difficult. Not even for our heavy bikes. I later discovered that there is a much more accessible route a bit further south that we had missed.

We met the landowner who gave us permission to ride through his backyard. He seemed quite enthusiastic about it.

The Stone Coast Road is a 34-ish kilometer road with a really great surface – a mix of both paved and hard packed gravel. It is easy riding for all sorts of motorcycles. It is rather narrow, but it is a great route – a must-do route if you’re on Öland.

Stone Coast Road

Funny thing is, that now afterwards, knowing what to look for, I find the road described on different sites, but none describes the exact location. It is like they want us to know, but don’t want us to go there. I can imagine it does get crowded during the high season. It is a very narrow road (2-3 meters wide).

The limestone layers make perfect rocks for rock stacking on Lofta Kustväg

Stone stacking is an old phenomenon and is – in Scandinavia – usually used for landmarks. I can’t find any information as to when the ones at the Lofta Kustväg (roughly translated to Lofta Coast Road) started and what it was originally used for – if anything at all.

Although the location of the road wasn’t too obvious, we weren’t the only ones riding it that day. A group of riders from Poland had found it too. We met them a couple of times on that road that day.

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At a place with a couple of nice rock formations, we met the polish riders again, and we got engaged in talks about this and that. As a motorcycle rider you share a passion, so you immediately have something to talk about. Route planning, motorcycles, gear, experiences, etc, anything that revolves around motorcycles, really. One of the ladies in the group even gave me a hug. Hugging is – for me at least – sort of reserved to those close to me. Family or close friends. But here we were. On the Stone Cost Road, being hugged by a polish lady that I haven’t met before and will never meet again. Just because I am a motorcycle rider. How awesome is that?


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