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3-day motorcycle adventure to Öland

Långe Erik

Tall Erik

We got to Långe Erik, or Tall Erik, a little later. The light tower itself was closed as it was off season, but we could walk around the area, take pictures a rest a little. During the summer, there’s a little shop where you can buy souvenirs and coffee. It is very cozy and quiet and recommended for a relaxing getaway.

A curiosity that we saw, was what looked like a female motorcycle passenger. The individual, wearing tight leather, had a shape that resembled a woman. But we never knew for sure as “she” never took off her helmet. The motorcycle parked 200 meters away, walking across a bridge, but never taking off her helmet. Maybe she had a bad hair day underneath the helmet. Who knows.

As there was no food to get, we continued south. Our next destination – a few hours away, was the Eketorp fort. But first, we had to get something to eat.

We found a really nice fish restaurant that coincidentally opened the minute we arrived. Located at Böda Hamn, we had a great view over the Baltic Sea. Fresh cod, potatoes and salad. It is sometimes easy to not get around to eat as it can be a bit difficult to find a restaurant on the route, so I normally have a snack bar with me. It is important to keep a decent blood sugar level, and to stay hydrated when riding on a warm day. Öland has a lot of restaurants, and even though this was off season, it wasn’t too difficult to find a place.

Böda Hamn fish restaurant
The fish restaurant at Böda Hamn

After a nice lunch, we continued south, keeping east. It was a windy day. The east side of Öland has a lot of small villages, farms and also a fair share of old windmills.

Old windmills along the roads

The windmills kind of prove that strong winds is something that isn’t unusual on Öland. We definitely had our share of strong winds that day. The mills aren’t used anymore and really just serves as historical sites. It never occurred to me before now, when writing this, that I should have stopped and checked the windmills out a bit more.

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