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Balkan with my mother


After the a couple of days in Mostar, it was time to continue the adventure. Technically we were now one day behind schedule, but we would rather having to skip something later, than riding through rain an not see the awesome Dumitor.

We rode east, on a small winding backroad that showed an awesome view over Mostar. It was from these mountain tops, that artillery fired over the city in the Croat-Bosniak War.

View over Mostar

Moving on towards the border to Montenegro, we had to see the out-of-this-world looking monument commemorating the battle of Sutjeska, World War II.

Fun fact: The Battle of Sutjeska was made into a movie, “The Fifth offensive“, in 1973 starring Richard Burton as Josep Tito.

On the way to the border, we stopped quickly at a view point that I first saw on the 2012 adventure with Ryan. I wanted to take a quick picture one more time.

Crossing the border to Montenegro was a quiet and quick experience. It was not a busy border crossing and the road to the border was small, but nice.

Immediately after the border, the road sits on the mountain side next to the river Piva. It is one of the most scenic roads that I know of. The reason we stayed in Mostar another day, was that I did not want to show this route to Thonny and my mother in heavy rain with no visibility. I wanted to them to see this place for themselves, that I had talked so much about. Although the weather wasn’t perfect, it was good enough to appreciate the scenery.

We were heading for a small site with a couple of cabins, to stay the night. It was a very basic place. Small cabins, two beds in each, with electricity. Shared bathroom and toilet in a separate building.

It’s a place that I have been to before, so I knew the owner, and what to expect, and I looked forward to the place again.

A cozy place, basic facilities. but friendly. They cook, and serve beer. What else do one need?

The area where this place is located, is absolutely beautiful. Of course we had to take a small hike.

The manager of the place we stayed, a young man, was very eager to tell us his story. All the while his mother was cooking for us. We were the only guests, but they were happy to have us.

We had great food, great beer. It was time to go to bed. A had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, but they had no other electricity than their generator, which was turned off. Luckily i had torch light, but there was no electricity to power the pump to fill up the water tank of the toilet. So no flushing. Oh well, that would be the next person’s problem.

After breakfast, which the mother of the manager had cooked, we continued into the mountainous part of the Durmitor National Park.

Very beautiful and absolutely breathtaking.

Durmitor is absolutely one of my favorite places in Europe. There aren’t too many tourists, and it really is spectacular. I end up coming back year after year.

I had been to this place before, in 2015 on a trip with Peter Riber. He wrote an excellent ride report that you can find here, in Danish, or Google translated to English.

Shortly after Durmitor, getting into a lower altitude, and a lot warmer, we hit Tara Canyon. It is famous for its white water rafting, as well as other outdoor activities.

My mother in front of the Tara Canyon Bridge

After a short break, we continued the adventure into Serbia. A bigger crossing, but easy and fast. It was a nice ride, the weather was great and the mood was great too.

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