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Balkan with my mother

Hungary, and horses

Not long after entering Hungary, we wanted to find a place to stay for the night. Although there are online services, like and, and the GPS have some data as well, I like to ask the locals.

So while Thonny was caring for his bike, I had a little chat with the lady at the local gas station. She recommended a place, that wasn’t too far from here, and it was also on the GPS. That was settled then.

Off we went, to the town with the place of the hotel. Letting the GPS take us there, only to find that there were no hotel at that address. Just ordinary houses.

At a local bar just around the corner, I asked if anyone knew about the hotel, and they did, but we were way off. This older guy, with almost no teeth in his mouth jumped up on his pedal bike and told us to follow. We did. For what appeared to be a long time. But the hotel was awesome, at least it looked awesome. And it had horses.

The hotel rooms where really huge. But in poor shape. Furniture was worn out, window frames with paint coming off. The toilet was old with a shower head that wasn’t working. This place had had its glory days, that’s for sure. We washed some clothes hanging them to dry. The room didn’t have air condition, so I wasn’t sure if the clothes would get dry by next morning.

We had dinner, some food that I honestly don’t recall, and of course, the mandatory beer. We all went to sleep relatively early.

Yogurt served wit price tag.

The next morning, at breakfast I got a yogurt. As it wasn’t a buffet, which is normal for the smaller places, I asked if they had any, which they did. And I got my yogurt, just as if they had just run to the local grocery store to get one for me. With price tag and all.

Although the hotel in Mezöhegyes was situated in really nice surroundings, it was really worn out on the inside. But if you don’t care much about that, it really is impressive and it is clear that this was once a grand place.

We carried on, north. Hungary is quite flat, but I do think it is a nice country to ride in. I haven’t been to the western part (on motorcycle), so I can only speak for the eastern part. It is a lot farm lands, but I still think there is a lot nice small towns to see. There are a quite a lot of wine yards, so if you’re interested in wine, there is quite a lot of options for guided tours.

We had lunch in Eger, which is a busy city with a castle ruin in the center. We didn’t go in to the ruins. It was hot, we were sweaty, and with all the gear, it just didn’t appeal to us at the time. We did get a pizza at a small restaurant and bar just next to the ruins.

Filled up with pizza, and cola, we continued our journey. Thonny had found a place with underground caves, that could be interesting to explore.

It was almost on the border to Slovakia, where we found a really nice hotel, The Tengerszem. Located on a hill side in the forest. A nice hotel, clean and affordable.

This place is definitely be a place I could see myself coming back to. During the night, I could hear the distinct – and a bit eerie – sound of an owl. I have never heard that in real life.

After a late breakfast – the chef had overslept – the following morning, we rode to the entry to the caves we wanted to see. It wasn’t possible to do it ourselves, we had to sign up for a guided tour. It was pretty nice, except the tour guide – although promised to be in English – was in Hungarian. A group of school kids in it too. So most was in Hungarian. Only from time time, did the guide briefly describe the sights in English.

We had a great hike underground. Ironically, the exit was at the very hotel we had stayed the night. A shuttle bus was waiting to pick us up at drive us back to the entry point where my mother and the motorcycles were waiting.

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