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Balkan with my mother

Last leg of a great adventure

After a nice breakfast at the hotel, we continued towards Berlin. That would be the last overnight stop in the Backroad Motorcycle Adventure 2017.

We arrived at Berlin, where I plotted the name of the chosen hotel in to the GPS. The hotel was close to the Berlin-Tegel airport, but as signs towards the airport continued to show almost the opposite direction as where I was going, Thonny had enough and signalled to stop.

For some reason, I had managed to select the wrong hotel. Luckily, Thonny is a patient man, so he wasn’t too annoyed with having spend 45 minutes longer than necessary in the hot Berlin afternoon traffic. Havig Thonny lead, we finally arrived tired, and sweaty at the Hotel Alt Tegel, where we could park the bikes in their courtyard.

Me sitting in the room, looking silly, trying to pair the new GPS with my Sena headset.

The hotel was very close to the Louis Gigastore – a shop with al sorts of motorcycle gear – so after changing clothes and having a shower, we hopped on the bikes and rode to Louis. I wanted road oriented GPS. As a thank you for the trip, my mother sponsored a new GPS. Or maybe she didn’t want me to get lost again?

I got my Montana GPS off the bike, mounted the new Zumo, and we ready to return to the hotel. I wanted to make sure that everything was in order before leaving the shop.

We took off from Berlin. This time we didn’t want to ride highways, so we went on smaller roads up north towards Rostock for the ferry to Gedser.

I enjoyed my GPS, but I did find some issues with audio quality and road guidance cutting off intercom.

The German backroads are quite nice. Especially in the former east germany where there is more distance between towns and you can actually make some distance. We ended up having lunch at a small town called Fürstenberg/Havel. That was the last stop en the adventure before hitting the Rostock port.

Aase enjoing a cup of coffee at Fürstenberg/Havel

A great adventure

This was truly a great adventure that I enjoyed a lot. Thonny was a fantastic guy, always accommodating and always smiling. You were a big part of why this was a great trip. Luckily for me, we rode togother again in 2018 (without passengers), and we will again in 2019. Thanks for being a good friend.

Also, a huge thanks for my mother for being such a great passenger. It was great being able to show to you how awesome a Backroad Motorcycle Adventure really is. And to see and hear how much you enjoyed it. I know that she has now tasted the sweet taste of Backroad Motorcycle Adventures. We will take another ride soon.

The GPS track. The missing part between Hamburg and Villach is the train ride.

We ended up riding 4087 kilometers in 13 days, not including the train ride.

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