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Hope & Health, and Bikes

When we get to Chisinau on the Moldova trip, we’re super excited to get to visit the Hope And Health NGO. We will be showing off our bikes, and hear about their inspiring projects.

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Getting up close and personal in Ukraine

I’m so happy that I get to travel with Volodymyr (Vova), Thonny and Steen on the Ukraine and Moldova trip next June. Outside motorcycles, we share the same passion for great company, a cold beer after a nice ride, and of course good food. It’s time to introduce the 4 amigos.

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Ukraine & Moldova trip plan

The trip plan for Moldova is complete. As always, Backroad Motorcycle Adventure plan includes unplanned changes. We will be 4 riders. That’s the plan. I’m super excited, and I can’t wait for summer to get here. World’s largest wine cellar. 55 km, we get to ride the motorcycles in the caves.

Check the plan here.