It’s pretty crazy asking children what they want to be when they grow up. At the age of 48, I still don’t know what I want to be. I know what I love doing, so this is what I do: Ride motorcycles.

I was actually quite old, when I started riding. I got my motorcycle license when I was 27, nine years after my B (car) license.

My first motorcycle was a Honda CX650E, that I got shortly after passing the test. My motorcycle instructor recommended it to me as a good beginners motorcycle. I wasn’t too proud of it as it was a model from 1983, that I didn’t find cool enough. So I didn’t have it for long.

Work took me to Singapore for a couple of years and at one of my trips back home, I swapped it for a 95 Honda CBR 1000 F. That was more my style. Nice, streamlined, and fast.

I had it waiting for me at the dealership, until my contract in Singapore ended, and I returned home. I really loved it and rode it for a couple of years, until I had a crash. That got me thinking, that a fast bike like, that was too much for me to handle.

Ironically, I rode it to work that day, since a colleague wanted to try it before buying it. I was in the middle of overtaking a car, when he suddenly decided to make a left, so I blocked the front (didn’t have ABS at that time), and I slid to the other side of the road, on the side, knee-first over the curb, and finally being stopped by a light pole.

Suffice to say, he didn’t buy the bike.

Work took me abroad again, a bit closer to home, to the Czech Republic. Once the CBR was fixed, it was sold and I bought a Harley Davidson Fatboy. My God, that was a cool bike. I almost felt like the Terminator, except the bike was yellow and looked nothing like Schwarzenegger. I remember how awesome it was riding up the narrow streets of Prague, setting off the car alarms.

I had it for about ten years, and then decided to sell it. At that time, I felt I needed something with a little more punch, but something still easy going, so I got a BMW K1300S. That was a fast bike and it had the shaft drive. I remember going 270 km/h on the German Autobahn. Only for a few seconds – it was fun, but very exhausting to drive that fast.

In 2011 I went for a trip to Czech Republic, and ended up on the most beautiful and scenic backroads. The only problem was the condition of the roads. I found that the more poor the shape of road was, the more I enjoyed the scenery. But it was very uncomfortable to ride.

Later that year, I swapped it for the bike, that I have to this day: the mighty BMW R1200 GS Adventure. This bike takes me further into the adventure zone for every trip, that I make.

I have come to appreciate the Balkans, Romania, and Ukraine a lot. Though it is a very heavy bike, it fits my style perfectly. It is comfortable for long rides and on bumpy roads. It is perfect for hard packed gravel and even more technical roads and trails, if it is not too muddy.

On these travels, I have seen so many great places, met so many helpful people, that I just have to share that with the world. My experiences will hopefully inspire and encourage you to go there yourself, and to experience the adventure.

So that is what I do: I ride motorcycles, see things and share it.

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